Understanding Harrasment & Bullying

Identify the importance of a workplace free from Harassment & Bullying.

What is Bullying & Harassment?


Bullying occurs when someone on the receiving end is intimidated on a regular and ongoing basis or on a one-off basis, in order to undermine competence, effectiveness, confidence, and integrity.

The bully misuses his/her power, position or knowledge to criticize, humiliate and destroy a subordinate, a colleague or even those in authority.



An act of harassment is any behavior that is unwanted by the recipient. It may include provocative comments, suggestive gestures, pin-ups, graffiti, offensive remarks, jokes, and banter based on any of these. Such behavior may be motivated by some or all of the following factors: age, creed, disability, nationality, race, sex, sexual orientation, family status, religion or any other characteristic, and may harm the dignity of any individual or group of individuals working together.

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