About Us

Swara Knowledge was founded in 2020 to provide training and empowerment to Malaysians. Based on principles of knowledge sharing, the company offers a range of certified, personal and professional development training in Malay and English for both young and old learners who are looking upskill or further develop their careers.

Swara Knowledge is also a certified HRD Corp training provider and is registered with SSM. Catering to public, private and governmental institutions, the company employs various qualified professionals, skilled in their own areas of expertise, to develop training materials suitable for fresh and seasoned learners. Every trainer has a personal anecdote. A story that is carefully articulated into knowledge and voiced into people. That is what we do at Swara Knowledge. We are proud to be associated with a growing number of clients such as University of Reading, CIDB, Newcastle Medical University, Cardiac Vascular Sentral Kuala Lumpur (CVSKL), Foon Yew High School, Tenby, Intec Education College & REALSchools and clients who understand the need to future-proof themselves and the employees they are responsible for.

Swara Knowledge empowers the future, today. By fostering a culture of skill-sharing, our trainings are designed and tailor made for the beneft of each of our clients, allowing a more robust and engaging experience according to the needs of our range of diverse clients. Age, experience or qualifications are not a barrier to education, as we believe our courses are delivered with a sense of duty in educating a better tomorrow.

Our communication has been based on stories since the dawn of time. A real story captivates us, and the lessons contained within them are for the most part the most valuable for us. The skill of telling a good story is common to great speakers and leaders. Thats exactly why Swara Knowledge was conceived – Because great stories turn into lessons which will train and empower a person.


Our mission is to educate, inspire, and engage a global community to empower every individual for their pursuit to of a better tomorrow for themselves and their career and company.


Our aim is to be the preferred training partner for Malaysian individuals and companies for personal and professional development. The company also aims to provide professional certified courses, where companies are able to rely on employees with skills endorsed by Swara Knowledge.


Swara Knowledge is committed to driving change across the training industry, our client relationships, and the cities where we live, work, and play. We are dedicated to leading this change by starting from within.